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It’s your life. Choose to LEAD it.

The Executive Happiness Coach® can help.

Are you successful and stressed?

The world places impossible demands on senior leaders and business owners. Do you notice that every time you get more responsibility, your initial excitement gives way to feeling overwhelmed? Are you concerned that the next thing to land on your desk will take you down? Despite your success, are you turning into your own worst critic? With the world moving at light speed, even highly skilled leaders can feel stressed and out of balance; and once you lose your confidence, that trickles down to others, people disconnect, and the business suffers.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The good news is that you can LEARN how to be a better leader. With Executive Coaching, you can be confident and decisive as necessary – or caring and responsive when appropriate. With further Executive Business Coaching, you can learn to set high standards as well as establish strong boundaries for yourself, your team, and your business. You can make things happen because you know how to make direct requests and hold people accountable to their commitments. Best of all, you can take care of business AND take care of yourself.

If you’re so smart, why can’t you do this already?

If you are like most people, you started out being good at doing some kind of work. As you moved up you had little to no business leadership coaching and skills training, but you were smart enough to muddle through most people situations…and you always had those technical skills to fall back on. Suddenly, you must operate at a new level where Leading is far more important than Doing, and you have never been in this place before. You don’t even know what you don’t know!

Shift From “What are you doing?” To “How are you being?”

People judge great leaders less by how much they do than by how well they inspire us to get things done. Your people notice how you communicate, how you respond to issues, and how you affect other people in the organization. I help YOU to become a better leader by “holding up a mirror” to show you where you are now, helping you paint a clear picture of a better future, and then supporting you as you build powerful new behaviors that will transform how you “show up” in your life and your work.

You can lead better with less stress.

My name is Jim Smith and as a Happiness Coach, I have helped thousands of leaders just like you to increase confidence and effectiveness at work AND live happier, more balanced lives with my Personal Transformation Services. I invite you to learn more about how I can help you create a less-stress, high-impact leadership presence. Explore the site to learn the many ways I can support you – from 1:1 Executive Coaching to coaching your entire team; powerful Keynote Speaking Services at a company meeting to a full series of Leadership and  Coaching Skills workshops. Please contact me. I’ll be happy to set up your free Leadership Strategy Session (pre-work required). Call +1-440-785-0716 (US, ET) or drop me an email to start the conversation.