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Whom We Serve: About Our Clients

I work with senior leaders and business owners to take their professional and personal performance to the next level – whatever that means for them.

The clients I do my best work with are successful executives, senior leaders, and business owners who are smart and on the way up in their career.

What they struggle with is feeling overwhelmed and out of balance in a world moving very fast.  They know where they want to go, but not quite how to get there, or what to do to sustain once they have arrived.

Who works with The Executive Happiness Coach®?

To understand the situations from which my clients come to coaching or the change process, please take a few minutes to review my Testimonials page, or visit the information pages under the Services tab on the menu above.

Coaching clients from many countries and business roles

My clients typically hold titles such as:

  • CEO, President, Executive Director
  • Director, VP, Division Manager, “C-Suite”
  • General Manager, Department Manager, Officer
  • Informally: High-Potential (Hi-Po’s)
  • Business Owner, Partner, Coach

And sometimes my clients are one level shy of the above, so they use coaching to help them make the leap or prepare for one.

Who is most likely to succeed from working with our holistic, full-system approach to personal or organizational shift?

Whether you seek 1:1 executive coaching, mentor coaching, or large-scale organizational coaching, chemistry between the primary client and the coach is critical. Over 15 years of leadership consulting and coaching, I have identified common traits that describe those clients for whom I can promise the best outcomes.

Take My Coaching Readiness Assessment** You may be a great candidate for coaching with me if you possess five or more of the following characteristics.

  1. Brilliant and Multi-Faceted
    You are a bright and creative individual who understands complexity yet can find simplicity in complex situations. You are talented in diverse ways, and interested in working on many aspects of yourself. You are able – and WILLING – to see things from multiple perspectives.
  2. Savvy
    You are well-read and current on what is going on in your part of the world, be it leading, teaching, accounting, or coaching, and you have a feel for what constitutes Best Practices (even tho you may not be doing it yourself, yet).
  3. Purposeful
    Like the Conquistadors of old, you have pulled your ship to the shore, then burned it – you are committed to moving forward and recognize that your coach’s role is to accelerate your progress, not initiate it.
  4. Responsible
    You come to the relationship understanding that you alone are responsible to deliver results. You deliver on promises made to self and others. You take responsibility for your own actions and outcomes, and rarely place blame.
  5. Quick to process and commit
    Others can “see” you thinking. You process and examine concepts quickly, and are comfortable making commitments in the moment. Decisions may take time to consider, but you will still commit to writing, research, practice, experimentation, setting deadlines, and practice, practice, practice, to keep moving forward.
  6. Energized
    You have a zest for life. Whether introverted or extroverted, you have deep wells of positive energy and you understand what drains you and what renews you (and if you don’t know, you are willing to “go there” to find out).
  7. Optimistic
    You believe in the inherent goodness of people and that there is a positive perspective on any situation, even when it is not apparent. You are resilient and recover quickly from setbacks, or wanting to develop that capacity.
  8. Willing to Explore – and Play
    You will try a new restaurant, drive a different route, change a behavior, take a risk, or go deeper within. You seek ideas and suggestions, then act on them to learn what you can from the experience. You will risk feeling a fool for the sake of your own growth.
  9. Curious
    You ask questions and seek to understand self and others better.
  10. Confessed Chocoholic (or procrastinator, or micro-manager, etc)
    You willingly admit your “addictions” to both self and coach, and are ready to make the lifelong commitment to change that may be required to improve your life and attain your goals.
  11. Comfortable with Self
    You are willing to look in the mirror and acknowledge what’s there – and what’s not. You acknowledge and celebrate your talents and your faults. Though you may be itching to shed it and proceed with metamorphosis, you are currently “comfortable in your own skin.”

How’d you do? Can you say “yes” to five or more of these?  Are you ready to commit to becoming a fabulous leader, reducing stress, increasing your happiness, and improving your life?

If you fit the profile above, you can be successful in changing your life and your leadership through a coaching or mentoring relationship with me. I invite you to visit the appropriate program page (below) or, if you are ready to talk NOW, contact me.

** By the way – this is MY checklist for Coachability. If you want a coach, yet you can’t check off five or more of the above, don’t despair. I can connect you with a good coach – it just probably won’t be me.