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The Leading EDGE Series—The Dance of Leadership

The Leading Edge logoJoin us on the Leading EDGE

Leadership as theory can be learned in a classroom or in books. But true Leadership is a holistic function of head, heart, and body – it must be Lived.  Leadership as impact can only be learned by doing: experimenting, taking risks, and staying ahead of the crowd.

Where do you learn? You only learn when you are on your EDGE. The EDGE of what you know and do not know. The edge of your comfort/discomfort zone.

The Leading EDGE will challenge you to notice and shift how you show up in the physical and emotional space.  We call it Leadership Presence.    

The Executive Happiness Coach®, in Partnership with CatStrat and Screwball Universe City brings you The Leading EDGE Series of events and programs.

We propose to take you to your Edge, where you will experience new connections, new perspectives, and discomfort – on purpose.

Step to the EDGE and Stretch, Lead, and Learn. 

What’s Next: The Dance of Leadership – August 21, 2014

How can we know the dancer from the dance? ~William Butler Yeats

We invite you…

…To Move

To stretch your capabilities and body beyond what you thought might be possible. Be on the EDGE. Be the best Leader you can be.

What: A refreshingly bold approach to Connection and personal Leadership

    • Increase your Self-awareness through visual metaphor and movement.
    • Explore physical presence and how you move through your life.
    • Discover that how you move, conveys messages about you and your leadership style.
    • Play in the five basic rhythms of life.

Who: You and a bunch of equally bold, curious, and interesting people

Why: Because using your brain isn’t enough. You want to show up with heart, soul, and body

Why2: Because Leadership is not about a title. Anyone can be a leader who cares, positively impacts others, continually grows their personal and professional skills – and wants to have an impact.

We invite you…

…to JUMP

Step into new spaces that are rarely discussed or visited, yet are critically important to you as a person and as a Leader.


Test your edges, feel into your “discomfort,” and notice new places to expand.


Meet others like you who Lead – and who want to create more impact, build new capabilities, and show up more full


Please join your Leading EDGE Hosts, Jim Smith, The Executive Happiness Coach® and from CatStrat/Screwball Universe City, Sue James & Craig James, partners in this highly interactive** afternoon workshop of exploration, discovery, movement, and connection. Our commitment to you is that you will expand ability to bring more of your own voice and your own ‘dance’ to your daily life and Leadership.


Thursday, August 21st from 3:15-6:30. Registration begins at 3:00.


90-minute program followed by refreshments and social time with cool people.


the office of fIT Technologies in the Idea Center in the Playhouse Square District (details on the EventBrite page)

Networking and debrief at Bin216 across the street


$47 individual.  Register with a friend, just $35 each!


The Dance of Leadership


Wear comfortable clothing that will allow for movement.  Shoes, you can always kick off!



About the Facilitators

Sue JamesJames Craig
CatStrat - Catalyst Strategies

Sue James & Craig James, are consultants, coaches and co-founders of CatStrat, a strategic consultancy. They have also created Screwball Universe City, a platform for exploring new ways to live, adapt and thrive in the 21st Century.

Screwball Universe City

Jim Smith

Jim Smith, PCC, is an executive coach and change strategist who helps his clients achieve amazing outcomes in leadership and in life through the lens of Body, Emotion, and Language.

So block your calendar from 3PM on Thursday August 21. And turn up the music.

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